Get ready to feel fantastic with our family friendly spa and wellbeing offerings for 2021 - in the tranquil woodland setting of the wowo wellbeing forest glade.


Alongside existing massage and yoga offerings the new wood-fired sauna experience gives you space for relaxation, body care, digital detox and socialising. 


Beach Box Brighton is a pop-up sauna spa, based on Brighton beach. We are collaborating to bring the sauna-bathing experience you never knew you needed to the woods.

Expect hot rooms, cold plunge, showers and chill-out areas - plus guided sauna rituals, leaf whisking and sauna nature experiences.



Holistic, theraputic or deep tissue massage - our therapists welcome you to our beautiful secluded lotus bell tents and will go to work - to give you a super relaxing and reconditioning massage that soothes aching muscles and restores the soul. This will take your camping experience to the next level.

30 minutes £45

60 minutes £65



Every Sunday morning and extra classes during the summer holidays. £10 per class

An amazing way to start the day! Twist, stretch and enjoy the fresh air. 

Beginners to more experienced practitioners welcome - mats provided.




Access to our 2 saunas, showers and cold plunge. Treat yourself to some body pampering with foot soaks, body scrubs and more from our natural spa menu.


Full details, prices and booking coming very soon.